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A Celestial Object is anything above the Earth's atmosphere. A Commons refers to any resource shared and accessible to all members of a society.

A Celestial Commons is rooted in the idea that, like the air we breathe, the water we drink, the oceans we cross and the environment we all enjoy, space and all it contains should be the shared inheritance of all.

As both governments and private corporations around the world increasingly look to space with a sense of ambition for wealth and power, it is important that the public considers the implications for what might happen when these Earth bound interests take exclusive hold of an infinite frontier.

Our mission is to look forward and seize an unprecedented opportunity for positive global change, by engaging and empowering the public to engage with space - ensuring that the journey, as well as the vast scientific, cultural and material wealth it holds, is open to and shared by all.


We are an international community of like minded individuals who believe that going to space is the most incredible and inspiring endeavour that humanity can undertake. It presents the opportunity to not only build a peaceful and prosperous future together but address some of the worlds most pressing issues.

Celestial Commons is borne out of that sense of optimism. We see what wonders and benefits the shared journey to and development of space might bring. However we are concerned by what might happen if those benefits are reaped only by a few.

Every government, enterprise, community and individual has a role to play and the right to participate in building our future in space. One which is shared, not owned.


The mission of Celestial Commons is to promote public (common) interest in space and to ensure that those interests are represented and advocated for as human ventures into space develop. 

With the pace of development in the space sector accelerating rapidly, it is critical that we take action to improve public oversight and engagement.

To this end, Celestial Commons works to:

  • Consult, represent and lobby on behalf of communities presently disenfranchised from decision making and the development of humanity's future in Space.​

  • Educate the public on the scope of possibilities in space, the return on public investment, the opportunity for public good, the impact on their lives and the risks associated with a lack of public scrutiny and oversight.​

  • Ensure that representative democratic principles and decision making govern the development of space by strengthening public and democratic institutions and promoting common collaborative legislative frameworks.​

  • Foster partnerships, policy and agreements that share space based technology and resources in order to address global challenges such as education, poverty and climate change.

Our primary activities are:

  • The provision of pro-bono strategic communications services to individuals, groups, organisations and projects working on public interest space activities. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • The cultivation of deliberative, participatory and ultimately citizen led policy initiatives across the globe, with the intent of developing a citizens space policy platform to serve as the foundation of public interest advocacy.

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